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Cooking Class

Led by a Private Chef, our Public Cooking Classes are available throughout the month on various dates and times, and are guided with assistance on each step as needed. Classes are fun and interactive. Detailed menu descriptions are below the class name & picture, and tickets are available for purchase online. Come on your own, bring a friend, make it a date night, or bring a group! You will eat what you prepare and cook, for both the activity and meal included in the price.

All classes are BYOB.

Skills Course

Offered several time each year, Skills Courses are a multi-week class, focused on a specific skill or cuisine. Classes are smaller and focused on improving culinary skills for those who want to learn more than just a meal, but lasting skills for at home and beyond. BYOB.


social event

A unique way to participate and enjoy food without the focus of a full class. Our Private Chef demonstrates and teaches heavy hors d'oeuvres throughout the event and there is a theme or game as part of the fun! The chef will engage those interested in making one of the appetizers themselves, while others socialize, eat and drink! BYOB.

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